Knowledge Base

TSYS Merchant Support

For customers who have Merchant accounts through TSYS, you should contact their support department directly when you have questions concerning:
  • Billing
  • Direct deposit
  • TSYS bank statements
  • Updating DBA name on credit card statements*
  • Changing your depositing bank account

TSYS's Customer Support can be reached at 800-654-9256. Follow the prompts to get to Customer Support’s “nontechnical support needs” and a TSYS Representative will come on the line. It’s helpful to have your TSYS Merchant ID number handy so they can quickly find your organization. This is available on your TSYS bank statements.

*Once you have changed your DBA name at TSYS, submit a support ticket to Click & Pledge so we can update your information within your account. This second step will show your new DBA name to show on receipts.