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TSYS Merchant Support

For customers who have Merchant accounts through TSYS, you should contact their support department directly when you have questions concerning:

  • Billing
  • Direct deposit
  • TSYS bank statements
  • Updating DBA name on credit card statements*
  • Changing your bank account

TSYS Support Department can be reached at 800-654-9256 Option 2. Enter your Merchant ID number or if you do not have your Merchant ID, keep holding until a TSYS Representative comes on the line. Your Merchant ID number was provided in your "welcome" email from Click and Pledge and is noted on your TSYS bank statements.

*Once you have changed your DBA name at TSYS, submit a support ticket to Click & Pledge so we can update your information within your account. This second step will show your new DBA name to show on receipts.

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