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pledgeTVTM allows organizations to upload their video files, add payment forms to the video to make a 'Pledge Video', and assign Pledge Videos to a 'TV Channel' that may be embedded on their website with a Donate button.




  • Include multiple payment forms in a single Pledge Video by setting a Start Time in the video for each additional Connect form.
  • Video conversion means that viewers stream the best quality video for the bandwidth they have available. Organizations receive 30 minutes of video conversion per year free of charge, and may purchase additional conversion if needed.
  • No limits on the number of 'TV Channels' that may be created, or payment forms that can be added as Pledge Videos.

 Overview and Tutorial (Video)



Step 1: Login into Connect.
Step 2: Click Launcher ( ) and select Fundraising.
Step 3: On the left side menu, click pledgeTVTM and select Video Library.


Click & Pledge's User Interface Diagram
User Interface Diagram


Your Dashboard allows you to review the performance of your 'TV channels', and identify compelling moments that inspire gifts. Use the Channel drop-down to review a specific TV channel, or hover over the dollar icon to see the amount and time marker when a donation was made.


Video Library

Your Video Library is the internal repository of video files to which you may add payment forms to make a 'Pledge Video' and publish to your 'TV channels'.

Step 4: Click New Video
  • Video File - Select an MP4 or MOV video from your computer or device. Maximum file size is 512 MB.
  • Title - Enter a title for internal reference when viewing your Video Library.
  • Description - Enter a description for your internal reference.
Step 5: Click Save.

Your video is uploaded and converted to several resolutions, so that pledgeTVTM can deliver the viewer the best resolution their bandwidth will allow. This conversion counts against your limit, so best practice is to avoid uploading the same content more than once.

Once the video is created, you can view it in the list.

Adding Emotional Valence

Have you ever wanted to know how a donor’s emotions impacted their giving? Now you can. pledgeTV’s Emotional Valence analytics allow you to map your videos’ emotions alongside your donations. Emotional Valence marks exactly when your donors felt compelled to give during your videos.
We’ll walk you through how to configure Emotional Valence by assigning emotions for your pledgeTV video. To do this go to pledgeTV > Video Library, then select a video from your Video Library.

Click on the video's pencil icon ( ) to edit.

click the pencil icon

To add Emotional Valence, click the checkbox.

click Emotional Valence checkbox

While watching the video, you may add an emoticon to a specific time by clicking on the specific icon.

Select Emoticon

If you wish to remove an emoticon, scroll over the icon on the video then click the X in the corner.

remove emotion icon


Pledge Videos

Your Pledge Video is a video file from your Library, with one or more Connect forms assigned and a start time specified for its button to be active. The active button will open the form overlaid on the video. Video is paused until the viewer closes the payment form.

You may assign any video from your Library, to any Campaign or any form, even if the form is in a different C&P Account. If the Campaign and form of an existing Pledge Video is from an account where you are not an authorized user, you will not be able to edit the video.

You must assign the Pledge Video to a TV Channel in order to acquire the embed code for your site.

Step 6: Click New Pledge Video.

  • Video File Name - Choose a file from your Video Library.
  • Pledge Video Name - Enter the pledge video name which will be used for the TV Channel.
  • Duration - Length of Video File in MM:SS.
  • About the Video - Describe the video, maximum 500 characters. Viewers will see the About Video when they click (info) in the pledgeTVTM player.

Payment Options

  • Payment Options - Choose whether payment is required before viewing the Pledge video. You may set the time that Advance Payment videos are available to the Viewer in the TV Channels > Channel Access Options. All Advanced Payment videos in a channel will be available for the same length of time.
  • Display Message - Text displayed to Patron to describe the payment requirement. Maximum 500 characters.

Advance Payment Button

  • Button Label - Modify the text of the Advance Payment Button, maximum 25 characters. e.g. 'Purchase online course'
  • Button Background Color - Change the background color of the Advance Payment Button.
  • Button Text Color - Change the text color on the Advance Payment Button


Pledge Video Payment Button

  • Payment Button Visibility - If you require Advance Payment, you may opt to hide the standard Payment Button.
  • Button Label - Modify the text of the Payment Button, maximum 25 characters.
  • Button Background Color - Change the background color of the Payment Button.
  • Button Text Color - Change the text color on the Payment Button
  • Button Position -Choose which corner to display the Payment Button.

Assigned Connect Forms

  • Assigned Connect Forms - Forms that are currently connected to the Pledge Video Add the forms of the desired campaigns and set the Start time (HH:MM:SS) of the form.

    For example, if the second form start time is set to 00:01:00. It means the first form will be shown for first 59 seconds and the second form starts at 60th second.
Step 7: Click Update after entering all the information.


TV Channels

Step 8: Click New Channel.

  • Select a Theme - Choose a 'skin' for your pledgeTVTM channel.
  • TV Channel Name - Provide a name for reference to distinguish from other channels.
  • About the Channel - Describe the TV Channel, maximum 500 characters. Viewers will see the About when they click (info) in the pledgeTVTM player.
  • Looping - 'Loop' causes the channel to continuously repeat . 'Do Not Loop' will play the Channel's videos once and stop.
  • AutoPlay - Check to play the Channel's videos as soon as the page opens.
  • Channel Access Options - If you require payment in advance,  choose how long the channel will be available to the Patron.
  • Allow Social Share - Check to show sharing options ( ) on your channel 

Sharing Messages

Share videos via Facebook post, Twitter, or Email. These settings will take precedence over Sharing Settings set by your Campaign or Payment Form.

  • Facebook Post Title -Specify the Title for the post when your Patron shares your TV Channel.
  • Facebook Post Body - Specify the default message for the Facebook post when your Patron shares your TV channel .
  • Thumbnail Image for Facebook Share - Specify the image for the Facebook post when your Patron shares your TV channel.
  • Twitter - Specify the default text and TV Channel URL from the Channel 'preview' () to include when your Patron shares via Tweet.
  • Email Subject - The default email subject when your Patron shares via email.
  • Email Body - The default text included when your Patron shares your TV Channel by email.
If sharing does not show your saved changes
Facebook caches 'sharing messages'. Ask Facebook to 'scrape' your TV Channel for the latest changes. Enter your TV channel URL from the Channel 'preview' () in the Object Debugger Input URL, and click 'Fetch new scrape information'.  

Add Pledge videos to your Channel

Step 9: Select Pledge Video - Use the dropdown to add one or more Pledge Videos to your TV Channel.
Step 10: Click "Update" to save your changes.

Publish your Channel

Step 11: Return to the list of available TV Channels by clicking the TV Channels tab in the menu
Step 12: Click the Channel's <...> icon to collect the embed code to add to your website.