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Add Donation Page to Facebook

Most Click & Pledge customers are active on Facebook. So it makes sense that as a nonprofit organization you would want to have a donation button that directs your donors to your Click & Pledge donation form.
Below are the instructions to add a Donation button to your page and direct donors to your Click & Pledge or your website's donation page.

Please note that while we do our best to keep our instructions as up-to-date as possible, we (Click & Pledge) cannot control if Facebook makes changes to their platform.

Step 1

When logged into Facebook from your page editor, click on "Add a Button" or the existing button to make edits.

Add Button

Step 2

Click “Make a Purchase or Donation”

Step 3

Click “Donate”
Click Donate

Step 4

Under “Link to a website or app” enter your link to your Click & Pledge donation page, then click Save Changes.

Enter Link

Note: If you are unsure what link to enter, we have some recommendations. You have many options with Click & Pledge. Choose the best option for your organization.

Here are some link recommendations:
  • If you have your Click & Pledge donation form on your website, you may enter the link that directs supporters to your website’s donation page.
  • You can enter the link to your organization’s page on the Connect website.
  • If you built a custom donation page with Connect's Form Builder, you can copy and paste the donation page’s direct link.
    Learn to Build a Custom Payment Form

Step 5

You will need to confirm that your organization complies to Facebook's terms. If yes, then click Save Changes button.

Save Changes