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Connect: "Recycle" Feature imports/exports Payment Forms and Receipts

To save our customers valuable time, we have a payment form recycling tool to allow customers to import payment forms and/or receipts into other Click & Pledge accounts. When a payment page or receipt is imported into another account the forms design elements are imported. 

Recycling allows:
  1. An organization with multiple Click & Pledge accounts to export/import a payment form or receipt into any of their Click & Pledge accounts.
  2. An organization who has exported the form or receipt can also give the Recycled Form ID to any other Click & Pledge customer as well. 

This article contains instructions to:

1. Recycle (Export/Import) Payment Forms
2. Recycle (Export/Import) Receipts


Recycle (Export/Import) Payment Forms


 Recycling (Export/Import) Receipts