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Connect: Transactions

Within Connect you can view and manage your Click & Pledge transactions.

This article includes instructions on how to:


Navigate to Transactions

  1. Click on Launcher icon 
  2. Click on Transactions & Reports
  3. Click on Transactions
  4. Use the View, Payment, or Method filters to view transactions. Use the Search icon to find specific transactions. If you wish to customize a view, click Create New View and follow steps.


    Find a Transaction



    Use current view or click Create New View for custom view.

    Transaction Detail

    Click on a transaction Order Number to view the transaction details. The following actions are available:
    • Issue Credit: The credit card may be credited back and an email may be sent to the card holder. 

      Note: For eCheck (or ACH) transaction refunds, customers will need to refund the patron directly.
    • Post to Salesforce (if connected to The transaction may be posted to A history of the prior posts is also provided.
    • Send Receipt: A copy of the receipt may be re-sent to the patron. You may enter a different email address than the one originally provided by the patron.
    • Manage Recurring: A recurring transaction may be cancelled, edited and updated using the available options.

      Note: Send Receipt option may be Enabled/Disabled for recurring transactions from 'Manage Recurring' tab. To do so, go to Transactions & Reports > Transactions > Select the order number of a recurring transaction > Manage Recurring > Edit/Update > Edit Recurring Section - Send Receipt (Enable/Disable) > Click Update/Save.
    • Charge the Card: Will go to the Virtual Terminal where the card may be charged again.
    • Cancel: Will take you back to the Transaction List screen.

    Refund a Credit Card Transaction


    Resend a Receipt


    Pre-Authorization with single payment​


    Process the next recurring payment


    Edit/Update a recurring transaction


    Cancel a recurring transaction


    Re-post Transaction to Salesforce


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