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Connect: Transactions

Within Connect you can view and manage your Click & Pledge transactions.

This article includes instructions on how to:


Navigate to Transactions

  1. Click on Launcher icon 
  2. Click on Transactions & Reports
  3. Click on Transactions
Use the View, Payment, or Method filters to view transactions. Use the Search icon to find specific transactions. If you wish to customize a view, click Create New View and follow steps.


Find a Transaction



Use current view or click Create New View for custom view.

Transaction Detail

Click on a transaction Order Number to view the transaction details. The following actions are available:  

Refund a Credit Card Transaction


Resend a Receipt


Pre-Authorization with single payment​


Process the next recurring payment


Edit/Update a recurring transaction

Many fields within Recurring Transactions can be updated. Below is a list of those fields.

Editable fields:
  • Patron’s email address
  • Next installment date (the date the next recurring transaction will process)
  • Sending receipts
  • Salesforce Campaign
  • Billing Information (including patron’s name)
  • Shipping address (if applicable)
  • Change payment method. This allows you to enter in new credit card information for your patron. You cannot update just the expiration date. To change payment method, you enter your patron’s complete credit card information.

Non-editable fields:
  • Periodicity
  • Total charge (amount of transaction)
  • Credit card expiration date. You need to have complete credit card information (card holder name, card number, and expiration date) to update the recurring transaction's credit card payment.
To edit Item Name and/or SKU you will need to make changes in Transaction Detail. Instructions are here:​
If you need to change the periodicity or the total charge (amount of transaction), you will need to cancel the recurring transaction and create a new one.

Cancel a recurring transaction


Edit Item Name and/or SKU

Within a Transaction you may edit your item name and/or SKU. To do this simply go to the transaction detail, make the changes, then select update.

Recurring Transactions
Recurring transactions clone the last prior transaction. When you make an edit to the last prior transaction, the next recurring transaction that processes will clone that last prior transaction with your saved edits.

How to Edit Item Name and/or SKU
To edit Item Name and/or SKU, first navigate to a Transaction. Go to Launcher > Transactions & Reports > Transactions then select the desired Transaction Order Number.

Edit Transaction

Once you are in the Transaction Detail, click on the field for the Item Name or SKU to enter the updated text. To save, click UPDATE button.

Update description


Re-post Transaction to Salesforce

  • Issue Credit: The credit card may be credited back and an email may be sent to the card holder. 

    Note: For eCheck (or ACH) transaction refunds, customers will need to refund the patron directly.
  • Post to Salesforce (if connected to The transaction may be posted to A history of the prior posts is also provided.
  • Send Receipt: A copy of the receipt may be re-sent to the patron. You may enter a different email address than the one originally provided by the patron.
  • Manage Recurring: A recurring transaction may be cancelled, edited and updated using the available options.

    Note: Send Receipt option may be Enabled/Disabled for recurring transactions from 'Manage Recurring' tab. To do so, go to Transactions & Reports > Transactions > Select the order number of a recurring transaction > Manage Recurring > Edit/Update > Edit Recurring Section - Send Receipt (Enable/Disable) > Click Update/Save.
  • Charge the Card: Will go to the Virtual Terminal where the card may be charged again.
  • Cancel: Will take you back to the Transaction List screen.

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