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Swiper1: Recurring Options

If you want to offer Recurring payment, set button to ON position. Here you can find two types of recurring payment methods:
Subscription: If activating recurring payments, by default the Subscription method will be selected. This allows a patron to opt into making a repeat payment at the time interval they choose. 
Installment: Click Installment checkbox to offer installment method. This will allow a patron to break a payment into smaller installments. 

Step 1: By enabling it, it will allow entering into the Recurring Payment. 

Step 2: Recurring methods are of two types. 1) Subscription & 2) Installment.

Step 3: It allows to select the number of Periodicity Options. At least one option should be selected.
Step 4: By clicking Select period, a drop-down will appear. The options which are selected in Step 3 will be shown here. Only one option can be selected.
Step 5: Subscription: Range is from 2 to 999. By enabling ‘Set to indefinite’, Number of Times will be assigned to 999. That means the customer is going to pay the same amount for 999 times.
Installment: Range is from 2 to 998. For Installment, there won’t be “Set to indefinite”’ option. That means the customer is going to pay the whole amount in this many installments.

Step 6: After entering the details, click on “Save Changes” button. It will save the changes which were made here.

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