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GiveBig: Allow Transactions on a Public Computer by Whitelisting Your Computer’s IP

For Giving Days it is a common for organizations to make available a computer where supporters can make donations. To make sure this works properly an organization must whitelist their IP address.

What is an IP address? It is essentially a sequence of numbers assigned to a computer. For our purposes it serves as a location system to know where transactions are originating from.

Why you need to Whitelist your IP address? By adding the computer’s IP address, it will allow those donations to process without the problem. It tells your account that this computer is safe for these public donations. If you do not whitelist your IP address and multiple transactions occur, it will block donations from occurring on this computer because of the fraud protection on your account.
Instructions to Whitelist your IP address:
  1. Login to your Connect.
  2. Click on Launcher and select Settings.
  3. Click Fraud Settings and edit the already using Fraud profile or New Fraud Profile to create new. Open Whitelist section.
  4. Enter each FROM and TO IP addresses under Whitelist IPs section and click ADD. The added IPs can be viewed and deleted.

NOTE: If you do not know your IP address, refer to the section below titled: Instructions to find your computer’s IP address.

Note: It is extremely important to add only those IP's that are guaranteed not to be used by unknown sources. Each field is limited to 1000 characters.

Once your event ends, login again to delete the IP address(es), so fraud protection resumes as normal.

Instructions to find your computer’s IP address:

You can use a website designed to look up IP address like the site below to lookup your IP address:

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