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GiveBig: How To Create A Personal Fundraiser Page

Want to help a cause you believe in? 

It is EASY
1. Choose an Organization, Fund or Program, and click the 'Become a Fundraiser' button
2. Create your own fundraiser page
3. Share your page with friends and family through email, social networks and more

To Get Started
Step 1: Find an Organization, Fund or program you wish to support by using the search fields on the right side of the home page.

Step 2: Once you find your cause click on the 'Become a Fundraiser' button. Note: A nonprofit or an organization may choose not to accept fundraisers. If this is the case, the 'Become a Fundraiser' button will not be visible.

Step 3: Enter your name and email to register. If the organization or program is set up to automatically accept fundraisers you will see a page to complete your registration. If the organization or program manually accepts fundraisers, you will see a note stating that you will receive an email when your registration is approved. In both cases, you will receive an email to complete your registration.

Step 4: Check your email. You will be sent an email from GiveBig with a verification code to complete your registration. Use the link on the email to complete your registration.

Step 5: Once you enter your code, you will be prompted to create a Profile Name (max: 50 characters) and Password (min:6 Characters). The text you provide for your Profile Name will be added to the organization link to create your unique web address. Please select this name carefully as you won’t be able to change it once submitted.

Step 6: Once completed, click on 'Setting' to create your fundraising page.

Customize your page

Login: Go to the GiveBig website
  • Click on the white circle in the upper right corner to go to the login screen
  • Click on Fundraisers Sign In and enter your email and password
Profile: Once logged in, click on “Setting” button. Enter your fundraising target and use the text editor to provide information about your cause and why you are fundraising for it.
(Note: Copying text from applications such as MS-Word will include a large amount of hidden formatting tags which will add to the word count and size. If copying and pasting, we recommend pasting your content into WordPad or Notepad and copying from there.)

Images: Include images by selecting the image icon from the text editor menu bar (top row, far right). Click on the ‘Upload’ tab, choose your image, click ‘Send it to the Server’, then ‘OK’.
(Note: Avoid large images - Recommendation: 72 dpi or less- large images will take longer to load and may slow your page down.)

Videos: Videos such as the ones on YouTube and Vimeo can be added by copying and pasting the embedded code into the “Source Code” on your Description area (using the source code icon). To do this find the video’s embedded code and copy it. Go to your Description area and click ‘Source’ button. Select the area you wish to place the video and paste the code there. Click ‘Source’ again to exit the source editor.

Avatar: Upload an image for your profile at the bottom of the profile page under the “Avatar” title. This image will appear as your profile image above your name on the upper right side of the page. Please note the size and format requirements for your image.

Social Media: Click on Social Network tab to customize your social networking message.

Save: Save your information every time you make a change. You can login to your profile page at any time and make edits by clicking ‘Setting.’

Tell your friends

To share your fundraising page with others you can either use your unique link or you can post your Social Network message using the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ icons on your fundraising page.

1. So to send your fundraising page link, just copy and paste the link from your page and send it out in emails and or add to your social networks.
2. To send out the Social Network message you created within your profile, simply click on the social network icon, log into that social network account, and share it.