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  • Swiper1: Receipts

    Payment receipts can be sent through Email, SMS, and Print. Email Receipt Step 1: By enabling it, it will allow entering into the Email Receipt. Step 2: The Receipt Header which is entered here will be displayed in the...

    Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017 10:15AM EST
  • Swiper1: Pre-Authorization

    The main advantage of Pre – Authorization is zero payment transaction. The user can save or generate QR-Code of a given transaction details to use in future transactions. How to perform Pre – Authorization in Swiper1? To enable Pre-Author...

    Last Updated: Dec 08, 2017 02:29AM EST
  • Swiper1: Event Settings

    Swiper1 is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM and can do Salesforce Events attendee registration and manual check-in / Check-out. This article gives the detailed description of the Event Settings. Step 1: Once logged into the Swiper1 app...

    Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017 10:17AM EST
  • Swiper1: Questions & Terms

    Custom Questions and Terms & Conditions may be added to your Swiper1 smart phone transactions. Questions and your patrons' answers may appear on either or both the printed and emailed receipt as per your settings within this applicatio...

    Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017 10:18AM EST
  • Swiper1: Recurring Options

    If you want to offer Recurring payment, set button to ON position. Here you can find two types of recurring payment methods: Subscription Installment Subscription: If activating recurring payments, by default the Subscription m...

    Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017 10:18AM EST
  • Swiper1: Additional Payments

    Additional payments and additional surcharges may be added to Swiper1 transactions. Additional Payments Additional payments may be added to the final basket. Default selections will appear as buttons that may be clicked to add a payment t...

    Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 05:39AM EDT
  • EMV FAQs: Questions and Answers

    We have compiled a list of questions that customers have been asking regarding the so-called "Chip cards" also known as EMV. Q: What is EMV? A: EMV is an encrypted communication system that allows a credit card with a "smart-chip" installe...

    Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017 06:09PM EDT
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