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Swiper1: Overview of Features

How Does Swiper1 Work?

Swiper1 provides an easy-to-manage credit card processing system for Android and Apple smart phones. Through integration with Salesforce web-services first name and last name of the card holder may also be looked-up and selected for processing. The following are a few of the screens that highlight Swiper1 features.

Item Selection

Unlimited items may be added to the basket. Default values may be set in the Settings area for various options, e.g. Optional tax or tax deductible portion as well as default description and unit price.

Processing & Salesforce Lookup

Use the Swiper1 plug-in device or manually enter credit card information. Email address is an optional field but if entered will be used for sending receipts via email. Receipts may also be printed if using an appropriate printer. Scroll to view printer information.

Additional Payment

Additional payments may be added (tip, donation, etc.) prior to checkout. Default values of the additional payment may be set as fixed amounts or percentage of subtotal. The additional payment may also be added manually through the "Enter $ Amount" manual entry field.

Optional Signature, Custom Questions & Terms

Signature may be collected for all transactions or for transactions above a certain limit. Signature may also be added to the printed receipt.

Custom questions may be added and Terms & Conditions may be presented prior to processing transactions. These features satisfy requirements for accepting political donations.


Transactions may be emailed or printed through the optional printer or sent as a CSV file through email.

Transaction Summary

Transactions may be selected and individually re-printed. Each transaction summary may be printed after processing using the optional printer.

Compatible Bluetooth Printers

Swiper1 provides an automatic integration with Woosim Bluetooth printers. While we have tested the application with Woosim Porti-W40 and Woosim Porti-S30, all Bluetooth printers from Woosim should work due to their universal driver for all their printers.

Swiper1 has been tested with the following 2 units:
  • PORTI-S30/40 (2 inch-wide paper)
  • PORTI- W40 (4 inch-wide paper)

Currently Swiper1 prints on a 2 inch-wide paper but future releases are scheduled to take advantage of wider paper sizes.

We have negotiated a discount with Woosim Systems, Inc. To purchase please contact René Oliver at (866) 801-1919 Ext: 105 and mention Click & Pledge discount. The discount is not available through the website.

For Apple products, printing is available using AirPrint.

How much is it?

There are no additional costs associated with mobile transactions and the Swiper1 App is Free to install.
Get the Swiper1 app for Android devices on Google Play
Download the Swiper1 app for iOS devices on the App Store

Order Swiper1 hardware on Amazon

Purchase the Swiper1 mobile credit card reader on Amazon.