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GAgives on #GivingTuesday

This article contains detailed information on how to manage your nonprofit for GAgives on #GivingTuesday on Click & Pledge's GiveBig software platform. This includes:
  1. Training Video: How to Login, Create Profile Page and Navigate Connect
  2. Step by Step Details
    1. How to Login
    2. Overview of Profile Area
    3. Overview of Payment Area
  3. Prepare for GAgives
    1. Do a Small Donation
    2. Add a Custom Receipt (optional)
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How to Accept Payments Using Mobile Phone
    2. How to Manually Process Transactions
    3. How to Add a Cash or Check Donation to GAgives
    4. How to Credit a Transaction

Training Video: How to Login, Create Profile Page and Navigate Connect

Once your Click & Pledge account is open, you can login to your GiveBig website portal and customize your organization’s information.


 Step by Step Details


How to Login

Diagram of Organization's Profile Page
Diagram of Organization Profile Page
Within the GiveBig platform you have a Profile and Payment area. Refer to the image below to locate each.
Edit Profile and Payment

Overview of Profile Area


Overview of Payment Area


Prepare for GAgives

​Do a Small Donation

Some nonprofits use the GAgives website for year-round giving while others send donors to the site just around the GAgives giving day. If your nonprofit has not had donations process recently on your nonprofit’s page on the GAgives site, then it’s a good idea to run a small donation to make sure everything is working properly.

When you do the donation, you want to confirm:
  1. The donation processes. If not click here to submit a support ticket to Click & Pledge.
  2. Your received the notification the donation occurred. You can update emails in your notification list.
  3. That the donation was deposited into your bank account. Credit card donations deposit into your nonprofit’s bank account in 2 business days. If not click here to submit a support ticket to Click & Pledge.

Add a Custom Receipt

When a donation is made to your organization using Click & Pledge by default the donor is emailed a receipt of that transaction. This is also true if a donor schedules a donation for GAgives on #Giving Tuesday. If you wish to customize your receipt you may create your own receipt in your Click & Pledge Connect customer portal, then you can select it within your GiveBig payment settings.

To create your new receipt, see the instructions here:

Then after you create your new receipt, go back into your GiveBig settings and select the receipt name. See instructions to do this in slides below:


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Accept Payments for GAgives Using your Mobile Phone

If your organization plans to have an event on GAgives on #Giving Tuesday, or maybe you plan to have staff and volunteers go out and ask for donations, the Click & Pledge mobile app, Swiper1, can make it easy to accept donations through your mobile devices.
Instructions here:

How to Manually Processes Transactions

Let’s say someone calls your organizations and wishes to donate over the phone, or stops by your office with a credit card, using your Click & Pledge Connect Virtual Terminal, a staff member can enter in the transaction and have it added to your GAgives page. You just need to enter in your GiveBig campaign to attach the transaction to that campaign.
Instructions here:

How to Add a Cash or Check Donation to GAgives Site

If your organization receives a cash or paper check donation for GAgives and you wish to add it to your organization’s page, you may use your Click & Pledge account’s Virtual Terminal to add it.
Instructions here:

How to Credit a Transaction

If a donor requests that you credit their donation, you may login to your Click & Pledge Connect customer portal to issue a credit.
Instructions here:

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