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Mobile Payment Pages

Mobile website's payment forms are optimized for a mobile phone's browser and form factor. Due to the size of today's smart phones the payment forms are designed with minimum form fields. Each form may be set up in advance with strict parameters or dynamically change through a QR Code.

The following is an example of how a mobile payment page may be set up:

Title: Register for Gourmet Gala

The above form has a fixed amount field that cannot be changed. Each payment form has the following options for the amount field:
  • Minimum donation
  • Maximum donation
  • Default donation

If all the three listed options are equal the amount field will be fixed and the patron will not be able to make any changes to the field value.

DashboardEach payment page may also be dynamically addressed with a different set value. The following customization options are available:
  • Navigation: If disabled the patron may not move away from the landing page. This is useful when the patron is set to pay a fixed amount and navigating the site may divert the patron to other payment pages therefore losing the intent of the scanned QR code.
  • Tracker: Each QR code may customize a tracker value for the same payment page. Trackers are recorded as part of the transaction and may be downloaded as part of the report. Trackers are also posted to the Salesforce Donor Management system.
  • Payment name: Each QR code may change the name of the amount field. (A near future feature .. not yet available).
  • Amount: Each QR code may pass a different amount field to the form. QR codes have a higher priority than the fixed amount set for the payment page.

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