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GiveBig: How to Login

When logging into the GiveBig site as an Organization, you will be directed to the Click & Pledge Connect Login. The login experience serves two important purposes. First, to increase the security on customer's accounts to prevent cyber attacks. Second, to unify logins so everyone can use the updated customer portal, Connect.

Slideshow: How to login to GiveBig


More on the new login experience

Cyber security has always been Click & Pledge’s top priority. To ensure our customers’ accounts are safe from password theft we have implemented safety features including the use of ReCAPTCHA, disposable codes and 2-factor verification.

ReCAPTCHA.The ReCAPTCHA tool protects your account from mechanized cyber-attacks. It does this by offering a simple test for humans to perform.

Disposable Codes. Disposable codes create a convenient way to authenticate your login without the need to create or remember a complex password.

Device flexibility. Choose either email or smart phones to login to your account. For mobile phone login, users will need to use the Authy app and enter their mobile phone number in their user profile to login. For instructions to set up mobile phone login, click here.