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Event Management with Salesforce: Events Import

Version: 5.190208xxxx

Events Import helps to clone events. Previously we can clone only one event at a time by using ‘Clone’ button in ‘Basic Information’ tab. But Events Import feature helps to clone 75 events at a time. Here is the detailed description on Events Import:

Step 1: Click C&P ‘Event Management’ from the menu bar. If you don’t find it, click ‘All Tabs’ and search for ‘C&P Event Management’ tab.

Step 2: Click ‘Events Import’.

Step 3: To create a new template, click ‘Create New Template’. 

Step 4: Enter the name of the template. This is only for the internal purpose to differentiate with other templates.

Step 5: A dropdown will appear after entering first two characters of already created event. Select the desired event so that all the settings under existing event will clone into the new event.

Step 6: Select the event items so that all the fields under that item will display. Enable the checkbox only for the fields which you want to edit. Give a friendly name to that field. This friendly name will appear as a label in the .CSV file.

NOTE: At least one checkbox should be enabled to save the template. 

NOTE: 1) Make sure that all the Date fields format will be MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS

2) Hide Registration Timer (Event Fields), credit card details, eCheck (Event Accounts) – Make sure to give only Boolean values (True/False).

3) Event Mode (Event Fields) – Make sure to give Active/Inactive/Test values only. 

4) Level Mode (Registration Levels) – Make sure to give Active/Inactive/Manual values only.

Step 7: After changing desired settings, click ‘Save’ to save the changes. Click ‘Save & Exit’ to save as well as to revert to the ‘Events Import’ screen. Click ‘Cancel’ to discard the changes.

The following screen will appear after clicking ‘Save & Exit’ or ‘Cancel’ button.

Step 8: Click on the Edit button to enter Template Details.

Step 9: Click ‘Download’ to download .CSV file of the template. All the enabled checkboxes fields with the friendly name given will be displayed as a list in the .CSV file.

Step 10: Click on the template name so that the following screen will appear:

Step 11: Choose File: Click ‘Choose File’ and select the updated .CSV file to upload.

               Validate: Click ‘Validate’ button so that the upload .CSV file will undergo validation.

              Upload: Click ‘Upload’ button so that the events are successfully created.

The newly added events will list in the Events Homepage.

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