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Swiper1: General Settings & Cash Register Default

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 05:46AM EDT
To customize Swiper1, these are the setting options mentioned below. Click Menu > Settings to view the options available in Settings tab.

In settings, there are three more options. They are Additional Options, Event Settings, and Store Manager. ​Select Additional Options.

In Additional Options, select General Settings.

Option 1: By enabling it, it will ask for Signature at the end of every transaction.  

Option 2: By entering the desired amount, it will ask Signature only to the transaction which exceeds that desired amount.

Option 3: By enabling it, Pre-Authorization will be activated. Pre-Authorizations helps to do Zero (0) $ transaction. By entering the number of days, Pre-Authorization will be allowed for those many days only. After that automatically the transaction will be canceled.

Option 4: By enabling, it will ask about customer’s Address, City, Country, State, Zip/Postal Code and Phone details on the Billing Information Screen.

Option 5: By enabling it, “Unit Tax (%)” option will be shown in the Item Creation screen.

Option 6: By entering the % of Sales tax here, it will show the same % as a default value in Item Creation screen.

Option 7: By enabling it, “Tax Deductable Option” option will be shown in the Item Creation screen.

Option 8: By enabling it, we can enter the Default SKU. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is an identification, usually alphanumeric of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes.

Option 9: Enter the default SKU name.

Option 10: Enter the Tracker name. The tracker will help to track the Payment details in Salesforce CRM.

Option 11: C&P Campaign Integration: The campaigns which are linked to the same C&P Account number will be displayed as a dropdown menu.

NOTE: Make sure that the C&P Account Number is same for Swiper1, Connect and GiveBig.

Option 12: (Campaign Connect & GiveBig): The list of campaigns which are linked to the C&P Account Number will be displayed as a dropdown menu. Select the desired campaign. GiveBig Campaigns will be prefixed with ‘GiveBig:’. Connect campaigns will be displayed as per the name given in the Campaign Listing (Login to Connect > Fundraising > Campaigns > Campaign Listing).

Option 13: Payment Form (Connect): This option will appear only for Connect Forms. Select the desired form from the dropdown menu.

Option 14: Allow edit at checkout: If this option is enabled then the Campaign & Payment forms option will be visible in the payment page.

Option 15: After making the necessary changes, click on “Save Changes” button. It will save the changes which were made here. 

Cash Register Default

Default product may be defined to minimize field entry at the time of processing. The fields which are entered here will be auto-populated on the cash register.

Option 1: Enable the Cash Register checkbox to enter the item details.

Option 2: Enter the Item Name.

Option 3: Enter the Unit Price of the Item.

Option 4: Press the ‘+’ symbol to increase the quantity and ‘-‘symbol to decrease the quantity. At least one quantity should be given.

Option 5: After entering the details, click on “Save Changes” button. It will save the changes which were made here.
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