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Donor Management with Salesforce: Field Set

Version: 9.190720xxxx

A field set is a grouping of fields. Field sets can be displayed on Visualforce pages and added to manage packages. Organizations with field sets deployed can add, remove, or rearrange fields from the field set, without altering the Visualforce page.

As of now, we are using Field Set concept in four places. They are:
  1. C&P Transactions (Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service)
  2. C&P Recurring (Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service)
  3. C&P Pledge (Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service) and
  4. Additional Information (Click & Pledge Events)

Procedure for adding Field Set:

The procedure is same for all the four.  Go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > C&P Transaction / C&P Recurring / C&P Pledge / C&P Event (Click on it) > Field Sets > Edit (Click on it) > Drag & drop the necessary fields.

NOTE: The fields will automatically appear based on the lookups having the custom fields.

Procedure for adding custom fields:

To add custom fields to the field, go to Setup > App Setup > Customize > Field name (Account, Campaign, contact, Recurring ID) > Fields > Account Custom Fields & Relationships > New

Eg: - Lets add one custom field “Additional Information” to the Field “Account”.

Step 1: Select the desired data type for the custom field and click on “Next” button.

Step 2: Enter the details of the custom field and click on “Next button”. “Previous” button is also available to revert back.

Step 3: Select the profiles to which you want to grant edit access to this field via field-level security and click on “Next” button.

Step 4: Add the custom field to the Account layout by enabling the checkbox for “Account Layout”. Click on “Save” to save the custom field.

You can view the newly added custom field in the “C&P Transaction” field set under “Account” field.

This custom field may be drag and drop and used in the field set.

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