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Connect: Reports

With Click & Pledge you may run template reports, create custom reports, and download reports anytime you wish into an easy-to-use Excel compatible CSV (comma separated value) file.

Pre-built reports are available on your account and campaign dashboards.  To access the full reporting area, go to Launcher (), then to Transactions & Reports.  

Custom and System Reports



Declined Transaction Report

With reports you may use filters to pare into your data further. One popular use of this would be for creating a report with reasons for declined transactions.

To run a report on declines you can:

1. Choose a System Report like the Quick Report or Consolidated Report.

Choose Report

Or if you prefer to create a custom report, be sure to include the field "Decline Reason" in a column.

Include Decline Reason on report

2. Choose your date(s)
3. Click Add Filter
4. In Field Name select Payment Status
5. In Operator select Equal
6. In Value select Declined
7. Click Run Query button

Decline Report

8. Click an option. Click Save Report to be able to recall the report or Download to download it to your computer.

Save or Download Report

Settlement Reports

Available for ProPay customers only.

The Settlement Report represents all transactions for your merchant account that share the same Sweep ID. The amount reflected in the your organization’s bank deposit for that day will be the Sum of your Net Amount minus the “$1.50” per deposit fee.

Your downloaded settlement report is a comma-delimited file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

Is my C&P account a ProPay account?  How can I know?

Your method to review your settlement to compare with your organization’s bank statement will depend on what merchant Gateway you use.  To verify your Gateway Type:
  1. Click Launcher ( )
  2. Select Settings.
  3. On the left side menu, click Account Info.

Downloading the Report

To access Settlement Reports, click the Launcher () and choose Reports & Transactions.

  • Click the Settlement Reports tab.
  • Select the month and year of the settlement you want to review.
  • Download the report related to the date you'd like to review.


ProPay Settlement Terms & Field Definitions

Your Settlement Report includes the following fields:

Calculated Fields at the top of the report

  • Transaction Count - Number of transactions in the "sweep"
  • Gross Amount- Total of the values in the Gross Amount field
  • Total Fees - Total of the per transaction fee and the Disc fee.  Does not include the per deposit fee
  • Net Amount - Total of the amounts reported in the Net Amount column
Report Fields
  • Sweep ID – ProPay’s unique ID for the daily batch or the transactions grouped for a deposit to the your organization’s bank account. This field identifies a transaction as part of a specific deposit.
  • Order Number – Your Click& Pledge unique ID for the transaction.
  • C&P Transaction Date (Eastern Time) - Time stamp applied when the transaction was logged to the C&P account, then sent to ProPay for authorization.
  • First Name & Last Name – Added for your reference.
  • Fund Date (Mountain Time) - ProPay's timestamp for when a transaction is authorized for distribution.
  • Gross Amount – Amount the Patron's card was charged.
  • Total Fees - ProPay's per transaction fee + Disc fee ("the percent of Transaction" fee )(Current Pricing)
  • Net Amount - Gross Amount of the transaction minus the Total Fees (Per Trans and Disc Fees).

Additional fields from ProPay are available in Custom Reports under "Settlement Information":
  • Disc (aka Discount Fee) – The "percent per transaction fee". (Current Pricing)
  • Per Trans - ProPay's "per transaction" fee.
  • ProPayTransaction Date (Mountain Time) - Time stamp applied when the transaction was received by ProPay from your C&P Account