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Event Management with Salesforce: Swiper1 Access

Version: 5.190208xxxx

Swiper1 Access helps the event in processing Check-In & Check-out through Swiper1 application. The settings in the page were auto-generated from Swiper1 Global Access.

Click on Events and select the desired event from the list.

2.Click on Swiper1 Access which is in Check-In & Check-out.

3.Users List: It displays the list of user entries which are added in the Swiper1 Global Access.

4.C&P User ID: Click on the C&P User ID, so that the following screen will appear.

1.Edit: By clicking on Edit button, the event organizer can change the settings.

2.Delete: By clicking on Delete button, the settings will be deleted.

3.Cancel: By clicking on Cancel button, you will be redirected to the previous page.

NOTE: The changes made here will reflect in the Swiper1 Global Access.

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