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Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Invoice Policy

Version: 9.190720xxxx

Invoicing provides a complete solution for organizations to issue, email, and accepts payments for invoices. Invoices may be setup with various invoice policies with due dates, late fees, and discount schedules. Payment schedules, templates, and email formats are defined as payment policies and may be used by any number of invoices. Invoices use "Policies" as how they behave and respond to payments.

To set up an Invoice, primarily Invoice Settings need to be set and secondly the Invoice policy. Follow the below steps to know how to set Invoice policy.

NOTE: To set up Invoice Settings, follow this link:

Here are the steps to set up Invoice Policy:

  1. Policy Name: Enter the policy name. It is easy to identify if the name gives some sort of information about the cause of policy.

  2. Net: Enter the number of days in which the policy expires.

  3. Subject: It will be the subject for the Invoice email.

  4. Invoice Email Template: Select the email template from the drop-down menu or else create a new design.

  5. Invoice Web Template: Select the web template from the drop-down menu or else create a new design.

  6. Policy Status: Make sure the policy status is Active.


  1. Early Payment Discount: As the name suggests, we can give the discounts who paid before the due date.

  1. Late Fee Policy: As the name suggests, we can charge the extra amount when the customer was failed to pay in due date.

  1. Additional Payment: Enable the check-box for “Allow for Additional Payment” to enter the details.

  1. Payment Policies: Enable the required online payment options.

  1. Thank you Message: Enter the thank you message which will be displayed after a successful transaction.

  2. Decline Message: Enter the decline message which will be displayed only after transaction failure.

  3. Terms & Conditions: Enter the terms & conditions which will appear in the External Site Page.

  4. Acknowledgement Mandatory: If the check-box is enabled, then only after accepting (Enabling the check-box) the terms and conditions in External Site Page, the payment will be processed.

  5. Internal Alerts: It helps to send the alert message to the email address we provide in the stipulated time period.

  1. Opportunity Stage: Set the stage for each of the opportunities based upon issued, paid, past due and declined. Automatically, the trigger will run in the Salesforce instance and adjust based on the stage selected.

To add the Opportunity stages in the drop-down menu, follow the path:

Setup > App Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Fields > Stage > Opportunity Stages Picklist Values > New.

  1. Reminders: It helps to remind by sending an email to the email address provided in Billing Information (Invoice Page > Billing Information).

  1. SMTP Settings: Select the SMTP Sender from the drop-down menu. It is suggested to select Click & Pledge.

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