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Give OUT Day: How To Enable Donation Scheduling On Your Organization’s Donation Page

Give OUT Day
For your organization's donations to qualify for Give OUT Day prizes, donations MUST be scheduled for April 20, 2017, or the donor must make a donation on April 20, 2017 (based on Eastern Time).

The Donation Scheduling feature makes it possible for organizations to allow donors to schedule a donation for a future date. By enabling Donation Scheduling at the bottom of your donation page will appear a ‘Charge Date’ field. The donor can stay with the defaulted donation date or click on that field and enter either today’s date or another future date.

Charge Date

If your organization’s settings is set to not allow Donation Scheduling,  then the donor will only have the option to make a donation at the present time.

Important Note: Any scheduled donations will not show on your webpage until the donation processes. Your Click & Pledge account administrator and those on your notification list will receive an email of the scheduled donation and you can run a report of your scheduled donations within the Give Big platform or through the Click & Pledge administrative system.

To allow your organization to accept scheduled donations follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your organization page on the Give Big platform by using the circle menu in the top right corner and entering your email and password for your account.
Login button

Step 2: From your organization’s profile page click on the donation button to go to the payment form settings. The donation button is located at the bottom of the donation widget on the right side of your organization’s page.
Click DONATE button

Step 3: Click on the Setting button
Click SETTING button

Step 4: Click on checkbox to allow Donation Scheduling. Please note, a checkout page name (internal use) must be entered into the first field to allow for changes to be saved in this section.
In Basic Setting you can make those edits

Step 5: Click SAVE button to save changes.

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