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Swiper1: Pre-Authorization

The main advantage of Pre – Authorization is zero payment transaction. The user can save or generate QR-Code of a given transaction details to use in future transactions.


How to perform Pre – Authorization in Swiper1?

To enable Pre-Authorization, Go to Menu > Settings > Additional Options > General Settings > Enable Pre – Authorization. Enter the number of days Pre-Authorization will be active. Pre – Authorization will expire after the set number of days. Don’t forget to save the settings.

After enabling, Pre – Authorization will appear on the main screen.

NOTE: Pre – Authorization works only in Production Mode. To enable the Production mode, follow the path. Menu > Merchant Profile > Order Mode > Enable Production. Don’t forget to save the settings.

Click Pre – Authorization button on the main screen to enter the below page.

Billing information can be entered in two ways:

1.Use the Swiper1 device to swipe the Credit Card. The information will be loaded automatically. Click on Process button.
2.Enter the contact and payment information manually and click on Process button.

After processing the transaction, the following screen will appear.

1.Click on Share QR-Pay and enter the mobile number for sharing the QR-Code.
2.Click on OK to store the transaction details in the Reports.

Usage of Pre – Authorization in future transactions

Pre – Authorized transaction can be used in two ways.
  1. By using QR-Pay
  2. By using Quick Pay

1) By Using QR-Pay
After performing the Pre-Authorization, QR-Code will be generated. Scan the QR-Code so that the details will be auto-filled. Click on Process button to process the transaction.

2) By using Quick Pay
Quick Pay will work if you are on the same mobile phone which was used for Pre – Authorization. By clicking on the Quick Pay, reports will be displayed. Select the Pre – Authorization transaction and click on “Charge This Account” button. Click on the Process button to process the transaction.

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