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Event Management with Salesforce: Swiper1 Global Access

Version: 5.180806xxxx

Swiper1 global access will help the Active events to integrate with the Swiper1 mobile app.

Step 1: Users List

Click on Swiper1 Global Access.

2) Create a new User List, if it is not created already.

3) If already created, then click on the Edit button.

Step 2: User Details

1) Select the C&P Account number from the drop-down menu.

2) After selecting the C&P Account number, automatically C&P Account Name will be displayed.

3) Enter the C&P User ID, which is the registered email for Click & Pledge.

4) Enter the Start Date.

5) Enter the End Date.

6) Select the status as Authorized from the drop-down menu.

7)In Authorized Events, there are two options:
  • All Swiper1 Active Events: If it is selected, then all the active events will be shown in the Swiper1 app. If any new events are created which are in between the Swiper1 Mobile Check-in & Check-out Start & End dates, then those events will also be displayed automatically.

  • Selected Events: If it is selected, then the list of active events will be shown. Select the events which have to be displayed in the Swiper1 app.
  • Filter By Event Internal Name: If it is selected, then the event can be filtered with the internal name which is given in the Basic Information tab. Starts with, Ends with, Includes, Not Starts With, Not Ends With were the available filters.  

8) Please save the changes after entering all the details.

NOTE: The C&P Account Number in the Event Management and the Swiper1 should be same so that the events which are created with that Account Number will be displayed in the Swiper1 mobile app.

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