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Event Management with Salesforce: Swiper1 Global Access

Version: 5.190208xxxx

Swiper1 Global Access defines what Swiper1 app users may access Event features in Swiper1.

C&P Account Users in Connect, assigned a profile with Swiper1 Access permission enabled.

Article: Connect: Manage Users

Swiper1 Users List

  1. Click Swiper1 Global Access.
  2. To add a User, click the blue 'New' button.
  3. To edit an existing user, click the 'Edit' pencil icon.

Swiper1 User Details

  1. C&P Account number - Choose C&P Account from the drop-down menu.
  2. C&P Account Name - Auto-populated based on the C&P Account Number, modify if desired.
  3. C&P User ID - User's registered email for C&P account as seen in Connect.
  4. Start Date - Date the user's Swiper1 access begins.
  5. End Date - Date the user's Swiper1 access expires. If you intend the user's access to be ongoing, set the date several years in the future
  6. Status - impacts the user's capability to check-in/check-out, but does not impact registering for an Event using Swiper1. To prevent a user from registering Patrons for Events as well, either remove the event from their Swiper1 Authorized Events or disable their user in Connect.
    • Pending - indicates that either the Swiper1 User has requested access from the Swiper1 app on their device, or that their Status was previously set to Pending here in Swiper1 Global Access
    • Authorized - User is allowed to synchronize check-in and check-out from the Swiper1 app on their device
    • Block & Purge Check-in & Check-out -  when the user attempts to synchronize, C&P Events ignores their data and issues a 'self-destruct', purging any existing check-in/check-out data on their device
    • Disabled - when the user attempts to synchronize, C&P accepts their data and updates values for the event, but issues a 'self-destruct' that removes any remaining check-in/check-out data on their device.
  7. Swiper1 Authorized Events -define the events that the Swiper1 user may access from their device

    Events are options when the current date is within the event's Check-in & Check-out > Swiper1 Mobile Check-In & Check-Out Date/Time range (see screenshot below)

    • All Swiper1 Active Events - All active events with active Swiper1 date ranges
    • Selected Events: - Limits the user to specific events.
    • Filter By Event Internal Name: - Limit the user to a set of events that are defined by a naming schema used in your organization.
      e.g. If Internal Name Starts With "2018 Space Camp" would apply to events with an Internal Name of "2018 Space Camp - June Week 1", "2018 Space Camp - June Week 2", and ""2018 Space Camp - July Week 1".
  8. Click to "Save" changes

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