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Mobile Website: How To Create Your FREE Mobile Website

With Click and Pledge you can create a FREE mobile website.To create your Mobile Website:
  • Login to your account
  • Click on Mobile Platform (top right)
  • Under Mobile Website>Setting change “Display Status” to “Active”.
  • To add a logo click “Choose File.” This will allow you to select an image from your computer. Once you have selected image click “Submit.” Note: Recommended image size in pixels 319x90 72dpi, Max File Size: 100KB, .png or .gif.
  • Select theme (background color) from dropdown box
  • Enter website title
  • Input your primary mobile address. Your primary mobile address needs to be registered domain name. A popular naming convention is adding an “m” prefix to your domain name. For example, Only include the domain name.
    • DO NOT include the 'http' or 'www' in front of the domain name in the 'Primary Mobile Address' field.
    • Add a CNAME in your DNS for all mobile site addresses and point them to:
  • Add any registered domain aliases
  • Enter Top Text. This text will appear on your home page under logo and title.
  • Contact Us. This will create a form on your mobile website where individuals can send an email to your organization. Add email address where a Contact Us email is to be sent. For customers who are also using the Salesforce Donor management application the form will perform the following way:
    • If the Person is in your Salesforce Donor Management system (if the email address matches a current Contact's email) it will create a new Case for that Contact.
    • If the person is not in your Salesforce Donor Management System (email address is not found) then it will create a new Lead in your Salesforce Donor Management System.

  • Click "Update" and your Mobile Website will be created with a Homepage, a standard Donation page, and a Contact Us form. You may now add additional pages and create QR codes for your new Mobile Website.
The following video is an overview and tutorial to walk you through setting up your Mobile Website:

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