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Donor Management with Salesforce: Record Types

With Click & Pledge’s Payment Processing System App on Salesforce you can use the ‘C&P Settings’ tab to dynamically assign Record Types to Contacts, Opportunities and Products. Record types help to categorize these objects by assigning a pick list value. Once you have assigned Record Types then you are better able to segment, track and view records.

Record Types can be used in various ways, for example:
  • Record Types for Contacts. Let's say you want to differentiate between the work related contacts and your donors. Create a Record Type for both then assign the Record Type to Contacts in C&P Settings based on WID (Window ID) number. One advantage of having Record Types is that you then have the option of creating different Page Layouts for each Record Type. See Salesforce Page Layout Cheatsheet on link:
  • Record Types for Opportunities. Let’s say your Organization offers multiple ways to show financial support like selling Products, Memberships and Event tickets. If you assign unique SKUs to each of these item types, then you can have a Record Type assigned at purchase. Also, Opportunities can be linked to campaigns to help measure the ROI of marketing programs.
  • Record Type for Products. By assigning SKUs to products you can segment your products into Record Types for easy tracking and viewing on reports and dashboards.
Note: Record Type for Products. This option is available if it is enabled in Salesforce for Opportunities. If the SKU does not match any existing product then a new product will be created and all future additions with the same SKU will use the newly created product.
By using SKUs for Opportunities/Products and WID for Contacts you have the ability to apply an unlimited number of Record Types which are dynamically assigned at the time of transaction.

How to create Record Types in Salesforce:

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