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Donor Management with Salesforce: How to Upgrade Click & Pledge's Salesforce Applications

Upgrading Click & Pledge's Salesforce applications is easy and may be done by clicking on the C&P Settings > About C&P Apps. It is highly recommended to check upgrade's release note prior to any upgrade.

To upgrade the apps, follow the steps listed below:
  1. Click on C&P Settings
  2. Click on About C&P Apps tab
  3. Click on Sync for Updates button
  4. If an upgrade is available, click on the Upgrade link


The installed applications table offers the following information:

Package Name: Click & Pledge's application name

Installed Version Number: Installed application's version number along with the release date

Update Available: If an update is available a link will be provided to the installation package for the latest version. The link will be hidden if the installed version & latest version are the same.

Additional Resources: Additional resources like Release Notes, Salesforce Hub, Knowledge Base and Community form links are provided.

Important Points about all Upgrades
  • PaaS
    • Always open all Autoresponders & save them one by one. Each upgrade may include additional functionality for Autoresponder requiring the new parameters to be saved. Failure to save & update each autoresponder may result in sending failures.
  • Event