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Swiper1: Check-in/Check-out and Register with Event Management App on Salesforce

The Salesforce Event Management Application combined with the Swiper1 mobile application offers a complete solution for managing events. The following are key features of the implementation:
  • Swiper1 is available for both Android & IOS devices, including phones and tablets.
  • Check-In / Check-Out may be performed with or without a network connection.
  • Multiple devices may be used for Check-In / Check-Out and synchronized when the network is available.
  • Messages may be viewed for each attendee being checked in. Messages may be set in Salesforce for viewing when the person checks in.
  • Manual Check-In through Salesforce.
  • Manual & rapid Check-In / Check-Out through Swiper1.

The following article illustrates the process of check-In & check-Out along with the registration of an attendee.

  1. How to connect Swiper1 with Salesforce for synchronization>
  2. Check-In & Check-Out the synchronized attendees
  3. Register an attendee for an event- Check List prior to the event
  4. To avoid Salesforce’s security features from blocking Swiper1’s connection to Salesforce, it is highly recommended that Salesforce’s Salesforce1 mobile application be installed on all devices being used for Check-In / Check-Out. Log into Salesforce1 and ensure proper connection. This step registers the IP address of the network being used with Salesforce and minimizes security issues that may arise.
  5. It is best to synchronize all devices prior to the start of the event.

How to connect Swiper1 with Salesforce for synchronization



Check-In & Check-Out the synchronized attendees


Register an attendee for an event


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