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GiveBig: Add a Cash or Check Donation to Your Organization Profile Page

If your organization receives a donation directly and not through the online payment form, you have the option to add that gift to your contributions on your Organization's Profile Page. The donation will be added to the contribution total, your fundraising target (if enabled) and the list of donations at the bottom of your profile page.
Very Important: Do not forget Step 6!

To do this follow the instructions below:
1. Login to your Click & Pledge Connect at​. For Login instructions click here.
2. Click Launcher and select Virtual Terminal

3. Under Campaign & Fundraiser Information, choose your "GiveBig" campaign from the dropdown box. If you have more than ten campaigns you will need to type in the campaign name then select it. If there is a fundraiser associated with the transaction, that can be selected as well (choose from dropdown box, or if over ten fundraisers, type the name in.
Note: If you do not select the GiveBig Campaign, then the transaction will not be added to this campaign and you will not see the donation on your organization's page.

4. For successful transaction,enter fields for:
  • Payment Description
    • Payment for
    • Quantity
    • Unit Price
    • Tax Deductible Portion (if applicable)
For example:
Payment Description
  • Patron Information (*fields are required) - See Display Note below

Display Note: At the bottom of the profile page, your donors’ names appear with a first name and the first initial of last name. Please keep that in mind when filling out the transaction page in the Virtual Terminal. For example, if you fill in First Name: Corning, Last name: Incorporated, it will show the donation is from “Corning I.”
5. Under Payment Method section click ‘Custom Payment Type.’
6. In Name field type in the payment method, for example, "Cash" or "Check."
7. Click 'Process Payment' button.
Payment Method

You will see a verification screen that the transaction was processed. Please wait about 10 minutes before you see it on your GiveBig organization page.


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