Change Receipt Notifications

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2016 03:37PM EDT

Notifications are crucial to the daily operation of an organization and its ability to react to contributors and patrons. When a person is set up to receive a notification that person is emailed a copy of the same payment receipt that is sent to the customer. Notifications are sent at the exact same time the transaction is processed so the person knows in real time that a transaction has occurred.

You may add as many notification email addresses as you need. People can be set up to receive all notifications or only by payment page, donation or product. In the notification fields, email addresses must be separated with a semicolon.

To receive notification of all Account transactions:
  • Account Path: Account Info>Your Profile>Receipt/Email Notifications
To receive notification by Checkout Page:
  • For Catalogue (Advanced) Page Path: Checkout Pages>Edit Advanced Page (pencil icon)>Notifications
  • For easyPages (Classic or Friendly) Path: Checkout Pages>Edit easyPage(pencil icon)>Step 7>Notification Mailing List
To receive notification on newly created Products & Membership or Donations & Premiums:
  • Product Path: Products & Memberships>Build A New Product>Notifications
  • Donation Path: Donations & Premiums>Build A New Donation>Notifications
Example of this use: My organization is selling coffee cups. John Doe needs to be notified only when a coffee cup is sold but not when a donation or any other transaction is completed.
To make edits to an existing 'Product & Membership' or 'Donation & Premium':
  • For Product & Memberships
    • Click on 'Product & Memberships' icon (top of page)
    • Click on Manage Products and Options (tab)
    • Find the Product or Product Option you wish to edit and click on pencil icon (edit). [Note: If it is a singular Product then notifications will be tied to Product, but if it is a Product with Options then notifications will be tied to each Option]
    • Click on 'Notifications' and add email addresses
  • For Donation & Premiums
    • Click on 'Donation & Premiums' icon (top of page)
    • Click on "Manage Donation and Premiums' (tab)
    • Find the Donation or Premium you wish to edit and click on pencil icon (edit).     [Note: Notifications can be set up on both Donations and Premiums]
    • Click on 'Notifications' and add email addresses

Things to remember:
  1. Setup as many email addresses as you need for your Account, Checkout Page, or Products/Donations.
  2. Always separate email addresses with a semi-colon.
  3. If the same email address is entered into multiple notification fields, we will filter out the duplicate receipts so the recipient will only receive one receipt.
  4. Adding notifications will not affect the patron receiving their receipt. The patron will be emailed a receipt as long as they have entered in a valid email address.
  5. Transactions processed through the Virtual Terminal (without using the easyOrder Builder) will send notifications to your Account’s notification list.
  6. Transactions processed through the Virtual Terminal using the easyOrder Builder will pick up the notifications from the Product/Donation, checkout page, and Account lists.
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