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GiveBig: Add a User

Organizations may need to add additional people, or “Users,” to their Click & Pledge account. By default the person who set up the account is considered the primary user. Once the account is open that person can add other individuals as “Users” to the account. Once a User is created, they are capable of adding other Users with their same permission levels or lesser permission levels.

So in order to have others within your organization gain access to the GiveBig platform, they need to be added as Users with your Click & Pledge customer portal Connect.

To create a new users:
1. Login to Connect (click here for instructions)
2. Add new users (click here for instructions)

What if nobody at your organization can login to set up new users?

We see this occur from time to time. The staff member who had login access to your organiation's Click & Pledge account, currently no longer works for you. In this case, you will need to submit a support ticket to our Click & Pledge support team to update your account information. Click here to submit a support ticket.