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Swiper1: Device Manager

Device Manager is the place where we will select the device for processing credit cards securely. We have four devices in the list and the latest one is Swiper1-Bluetooth Device. Swiper1-Bluetooth Device can be purchased in Amazon.

Steps to follow:
  1. Press and hold the Power Button of the Bluetooth device for a second to turn ON (Green light blinks when ON).

  1. Enable Swiper1 Bluetooth device (4th device in the list) in Device Manager (Menu > Device Manager) to process the credit card.
  2. Tap on the available Swiper1-Bluetooth option in the Swiper1 app and wait for 4-5 seconds to get connected (Green light stays ON).
  3. Once it gets Connected, don’t forget to click Save Changes.

  1. After saving the settings in the Device Manager, start using the Swiper1-Bluetooth device for processing the credit cards.
NOTE for Donor Management with Salesforce users: To know through which Swiper1 Bluetooth device you have processed the transaction, view UrlReferrer of that particular order number in C&P Data Tab of Salesforce

Example UrlReferrer: <UrlReferrer>Swiper1-Android</UrlReferrer>

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