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Connect: WordPress Plugin

We developed the Click & Pledge Connect plugin for organizations to host our payment forms on their WordPress websites. With this plugin, an organization’s website administrator can create a Form Group through which they can add one or more forms in a group based on start and end date. When the form group is created, the plugin will provide a “Short code” that can be copied and placed in WordPress pages/blogs/posts.

For Click & Pledge Connect's WordPress Plugin Instructions, click here to visit our Developer's Manual.


NOTES for Plugin
  • The connect form will be responsive even if the Organization’s site is not responsive.
  • HTTPS Protocol Highly Recommended. All Click & Pledge forms, standalone and embedded are completely secure. That being said, we still highly recommend that any Click & Pledge form you embed on your website be on an HTTPS webpage for 2 reasons.
    1.  It will ensure your patron understands your payment page is secure.
    2. Some web browsers, like Google Chrome, will flag your page as 'Not Secure' if it is not an HTTPS page.