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Swiper1: How to Login

Swiper1 allows you to process payments using your smartphone device. Swiper1 works with android and apple devices. You must have a Click & Pledge account to use Swiper1. If you need a Click & Pledge account click here.
To download Swiper1 Application to your Android smartphone Click Here.

To download Swiper1 Application to your iOS smartphone 
Click Here.

After downloading the app and starts running for the first time, it will direct to the login screen. There are two ways to login to Swiper1 app.

Method 1: Login with the verification code

  1. Enter email address.
  2. Enter Click & Pledge Account Number.
  3. Click 'Get the code' so that 'ClickandPledge Login Access Code' will send an email containing the verification code.
  4. Click ‘I have the code’, if you have the code already. Verification code will work only once. 
NOTE: Check Spam/Junk folders for the Verification code if you didn't see the email in the inbox. 

  1. Enter the 'Verification code' which was sent to the email address and click 'Login' to continue.

Method 2: Login with the Legacy portal access

  1. Enter email address.
  2. Enter the password of the Legacy Portal Account. This field will appear only when the ‘I have password (Legacy portal access)’ is enabled.
  3. Enter Click & Pledge Account Number.
  4. Click ‘Login’.

I have password (Legacy Portal access): By enabling this button, a new field will appear to enter the password of the Legacy Portal.

Stay logged-In: Enter the Email, C&P Account Number and verification code by enabling 'Stay Logged-In', so that the application will not ask to enter the details again until the user click 'Logout' button manually.

Remember User Id & Account #: By enabling it, Email and C&P Account Number fields will be saved for future logins.

Show Password: This field will be displayed only when the 'I have password' is enabled (Method 2). This will help in viewing the password while entering.

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