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Connect: Manual Transactions (Virtual Terminal)

Virtual Terminal is a tool for manually processing transactions. This allows organizations to process transactions right within the Click & Pledge Connect.

For example, when a Patron calls your organization on the phone to make a donation, or when your organization receives cash and check donations. When you process using the Connect Virtual Terminal, the Connect platform will automatically update the fundraising statistics displayed for the relevant Campaign.


  • Set default values within the Virtual Terminal Settings to save staff time
  • Tie transactions to a campaign and fundraiser
  • Process recurring gifts
  • Look up existing Patrons by their first name, last name, or email to pre-populate Billing Information.*
  • Additional fields for shipping information, tracker, and additional questions
  • Send Patron a receipt, including a custom header, Terms & Conditions, or send a copy of the receipt to an additional email address.
  • Multiple payment types accepted, including custom payments such as 'Cash' or 'Check'
    • Credit cards and eCheck transactions: Process through Click & Pledge just like online transactions.
    • Card swipe capabilities* using a 3 track card reader that connects to your computer using a USB port.
    • Payments with Invoice, Purchase Order, or Custom Payment Type process without bank processing, so no fees are charged. Gives organizations the ability to apply transactions to the Connect platform for tracking purposes. Custom Payments can be defined in Virtual Terminal > VT Settings and be used to track your cash and check transactions.

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