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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2017 12:17PM EDT

Cyber security has always been Click & Pledge’s top priority. To ensure our customers’ accounts are safe from password theft we have implemented safety features including the use of ReCAPTCHA, disposable codes and 2-factor verification.

ReCAPTCHA.The ReCAPTCHA tool protects your account from mechanized cyber-attacks. It does this by offering a simple test for humans to perform.

Disposable Codes. Disposable codes create a convenient way to authenticate your login without the need to create or remember a complex password.

Device flexibility. Choose either email or smart phones to login to your account. For mobile phone login, users will need to use the Authy app and enter their mobile phone number in their user profile to login.

This article includes instructions for:


First Time Users

All users who are Account Administrators are able to login with their user email address associated with their account. They will receive a code via email to complete the login process. See slides immediately below for complete instructions.

All users may also set up One Touch login using their mobile phones and the Authy app. To activate please follow instructions on ONE TOUCH: Setup Instructions & How to Login with Mobile Phone slides below.


Video: Login & Navigate

To Login with Email

Setup Login with Mobile Phone


Troubleshooting Login Issues

There are 3 reasons that Click & Pledge customers prior to October 2016 may have issues logging into their Click & Pledge Connect account.

Issue 1: You are not logging into Connect with your own email address.

If you used to login to Click & Pledge with an email address that was not your email address, you will not be able to login to Connect. To protect the integrity of Click & Pledge accounts, each individual who requires access to the account must be set up as a User to be able to login. Contact your organization’s account administrator to request you be set up as a User on the account. If you do not know who this person is within your organization, you can contact Click & Pledge’s support team to find out.

For instructions to add and manage users, click here to visit the article.

Issue 2: If you were a user with less than Account Administrator access on your Click & Pledge account prior to October 2016, you will need to be added as a User in Connect.
If you previously had access to your Click & Pledge account using your email address to login and now you are not able to login, then this means you need to be set up as a User within the Connect portal. Only Click & Pledge users with Account Administrations status were set up as Users in the new Connect customer portal.

So to resume login access to your organization’s Click & Pledge account, your organization’s Click & Pledge Account Administrator (by default this is the person with your organization who opened the account) will need to set you up as a new User. If you do not know who this person is within your organization, you can contact Click & Pledge’s support team to find out.

For instructions to add and manage users, click here to visit the article
Issue 3: If you are set up as a user on Connect and trying to login using email, but you are not receiving our emails with the login code.

Sometimes emails will go to your email 'Junk' folders. Microsoft users also have 'Clutter' folders. Please check those Junk and Clutter folders to see if your email is there.

You may check with your IT administrator to make sure that your email server is not blocking Click & Pledge's emails. Please refer your IT administrator to #6 on this article for the Click & Pledge's IP addresses:

Another option would be to set up the ability to login with your mobile phone. See instructions above.
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