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GiveBig: Donation Scheduling - Overview and Management

This Donation Scheduling article includes:

  1. Overview of Donation Scheduling
  2. Donor Override of Default Date
  3. Donors' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. Management of Donation Scheduling
  5. Reports for Scheduled Donations

Donation Scheduling: An Overview

The Donation Scheduling feature makes it possible for organizations to allow donors to schedule a credit card donation for a future date. This feature is primarily used for Giving Days.  If Donation Scheduling is ON, you will see a ‘Charge Date’ field at the bottom of your donation page.
A default charge date can be added by the Giving Day’s sponsoring organization. If there is no default date, then the charge date will default to today’s date.

With Donation Scheduling turned ‘ON’, donors can easily schedule a donation to transact on the defaulted donation date. If Donation Scheduling is 'OFF', then the donor will only have the option to make a donation at the present time.

Charge Date


Donor Override of Default Date

The donor has the option to override the default charge date. So, if the donor wishes to make a donation right then, the donor can click on the ‘Charge Date’ field and select today’s date or the donor may choose another future date for processing.

Override Default Date


Donors' FAQ on Donation Scheduling

  1. When a donor schedules a donation for a future date, the donor and those on your internal email notification list will receive an email of the scheduled donation.
  2. Scheduled donations, since they have not occurred, will not show on your GiveBig webpage or be counted in your totals until the donation processes.
  3. When the donation processes on the scheduled day:
    1. Receipts will be emailed to your donor and to your internal email notification list.
    2. The donor’s transaction will appear on your organization’s GiveBig profile page and it will be added to your totals.
  4. Scheduled donations for Giving Days are processed in sequence. Processing begins in the morning and continues until completed. If there are many scheduled donations for a giving day, processing may continue into the afternoon. All scheduled donations for a giving day will be processed during the giving day’s 24-hour period.

How to Manage the Donation Scheduling Feature for your Organization

If ‘Charge Date’ has automatically appeared on your donation form, then your Giving Day’s Sponsoring Organization as enabled Donation Scheduling for you. The Giving Day’s Sponsoring Organization also can set up a default charge date.
If you wish to turn Donation Scheduling ON or OFF, just login to your GiveBig site and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Login to your organization page on the Give Big platform by using the circle menu in the top right corner and entering your email and password for your account.

Login button

Step 2: From your organization’s profile page click on the ‘DONATE’ button to go to the payment form settings. The donation button is located at the bottom of the donation widget on the right side of your organization’s page.

Click DONATE button

Step 3: Click on the Setting button

Click SETTING button

Step 4: If check appears in checkbox, then Donation Scheduling is ON. If unchecked, then it is OFF. Click on checkbox to make changes. Please note, a checkout page name (internal use) must be entered into the first field before changes can be saved in this section.

Edit Donation Scheduling

Step 5: Click 
SAVE button to save changes.


Reports for Scheduled Donations

At anytime you may run reports to view your scheduled donations. These reports are available in both the GiveBig platform and your Connect reports.

For instructions on running report, refer to this article:

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