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Donor Management with Salesforce: Pledge Management / Payment

Version: 9.190720xxxx

Patrons may pledge to pay a fixed amount over a preset or open period. Pledges may be paid in person (cash, paper check) or via website through a web form and need to be accounted for in “real-time”. The Pledge feature offers a method to account for pledging and the many ways a payment may be made.

Main Features

The following is the list of features that may be used to track pledges:
  • Pledge amount
  • Start & end date for the commitment
  • SKU of items to be considered towards the pledge payment
  • Manual pledge settlement
  • Web payment credit towards the pledged amount

Workflow Summary

Pledges are associated with Contacts and may be originated through the Contact record. The following are summary of steps needed to set up a pledge
  • Locate the Contact
  • Click on “New Pledge” in the related lists associated with the Contact
  • Setup the pledge by filling the mandatory fields
  • Save the pledge
  • Click on the “Pledge Settlement” button to manually add payments towards the pledged amount.
  • Adding an SKU filter provides pledge payment automation for payments through web forms, and other external payment methods.


  1. Add the “C&P Pledge” related list to the Contact layout.

  2.  In the Contact record for whom you want to add a pledge, click on 'New C&P Pledge' button.

  1. Complete the Pledge form and click on Save button. After clicking on Save, the following screen will appear.
Edit: Except the Contact Name, everything can be edited. To edit the Pledge details, click ‘Edit’.

Delete: To delete the pledge permanently, click ‘Delete’.

Cancel: To go back to the Pledge menu, click ‘Cancel’.

Pledge Payment: To make manual payments towards the pledge, click on the Pledge Payment and process the pledge payment using the virtual terminal.

Activity: It helps to assign tasks to others. This option is for internal use only.

Field set: A field set is a grouping of fields. Field sets can be displayed on Visualforce pages and added to manage packages. Organizations with field sets deployed can add, remove, or rearrange fields from the field set, without altering the Visualforce page. To add the fields in the field set, go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > C&P Pledge (Click on it) > Field Sets > Add the required fields.

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