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Click & Pledge Sign Up Process

Click & Pledge works with our banking partner ProPay to process transactions through our all-in-one fundraising platform. To get started simply start with filling out our application.

If you are for-profit organization or political campaign, other documentation may be required. 

Step 1: Complete Click & Pledge Application. Please enter your organization and banking account information. Please enter in your information carefully. Mistakes can delay the account set up process.

Step 2: Application Review. Click & Pledge will review your application. For nonprofit customers, we will need to confirm your nonprofit status. To do this, we will send you an email requesting additional documents. This includes your:
  • 501c3 Determination Letter from IRS
  • Most recently filed Form 990
  • Nonprofit registration with your state/city/locality
  • Your title with the organization or a scanned letter (on letterhead) from a director, officer or trustee, authorizing you to create and maintain a merchant account for the organization.
You may reply to our email with these documents attached or email the documents directly to us at

Step 3: Account Approval. Once your application has been approved, we will immediately set up your account.

Step 4: Notification of Account Activation. Click & Pledge will send a "Welcome" email notifying you that your Click & Pledge account is ready to use with instructions to get started.