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TSYS Online Application: Step by Step Instructions

This online application was designed for for-profit organizations. This tutorial will help you as a nonprofit organization complete the application.

To complete your account you will need:

  1. A form of identification like a driver's license
  2. Bank Account and routing numbers
  3. Fundraising documentation
  4. Nonprofits: a copy of your 501c3 IRS designation letter
  5. Political campaigns: a copy of your approved and certified Letter of Candidacy

Merchant Account Online Application Step by Step

Enter last name if requested.

Answer security question

Step 1: Business/Nonprofit Information. Enter highlighted fields.

Step 1 Business Information

Step 2: Principal Information

  • Do not remove your first or last name.
  • Enter Date of Birth so social security number is not required. This is only required for political fundraising organizations.
  • If you need to change the name of the person who is the principal for your organization, submit a support ticket explaining this.

Step 2 Principal Information

Step 3: Identification Information

Select a option, like  your Driver’s License information,  and enter fields. This section is required to comply with the Patriot Act.

Step 3 Identification Information

Step 4: Banking Information

Enter your organization’s bank account information so donations can be deposited and fees withdrawn. If you are unsure of your nonprofit’s bank routing or account number, you may wish to contact your bank to confirm.

Step 4 Banking Information

Step 5: External Review

Verify everything is correct on this page. You cannot make edits to the contract once you click ‘Validate and Next Step’ button.

To make edits click on the section links at the top of the page (e.g. Business Information, Principal Information, etc.)

Step 5 External Review

Step 6: Sign Contract

Here you can sign the contract either with your mouse or with your finger if using a tablet. If you prefer to fax it in; you may print the contract, sign and fax to TSYS.

Online Signature

Frequently Asked Questions on Signature Page

Click on the small images of your contract to download them to your computer.

Why can’t I make changes to my online application?

After you select ‘Validate and Next Step’ button in Step 6 External Review, you will no longer be able to make edits to the online contract. If you wish you can print out a copy, make any edits to the paper copy, then fax to TSYS. Refer to screenshot below.

other options

NOTE: The Fax Number is changed to 303-482-8194

Is there a 3 year contract or cancellation fee?

No. TSYS’s 3 year agreement/cancellation fee is waived. Under Section 9 Additional Services and Terms, see the note that in section 11.2(d) fee does not apply if checked. Refer to screenshot below.

cancellation fees do not apply

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