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GiveBig: Instructions to Safely Process Multiple Credit Cards on One Computer on Your Giving Day

We live in a time where nonprofits are being attacked by credit card thieves. Often thieves who have stolen credit cards will test to see if the credit cards still work by making a donation on a public donation page. If the donation processes they know the stolen credit card can still be used.

Click & Pledge protects all customers from these thieves with fraud protection. How does it work? When our fraud protection recognizes a pattern of behavior that is similar to that of these credit card thieves, like running many transactions with different credit card numbers on your donation page, it will block transactions coming from that computer.

Why you need to know this?
Sometimes nonprofits will inadvertently trigger the fraud protection and block their own transactions. This happens when a nonprofit uses one computer to process multiple transactions on their public donation page with different credit card numbers. In essence a nonprofit staffer can trigger the fraud protection, thereby blocking their own transactions, by behaving like a credit card thief.

How to avoid blocking transactions from your computer?
You have 2 options:
  1. Use the Virtual Terminal. Login to your Click & Pledge portal and use the Virtual Terminal to manually process transactions. For instructions review this article:
  2. Whitelist your IP address. Login to your Click & Pledge account and enter your computer’s IP address to allow the public to enter in different credit cards for donations. For instructions review this article:

This is important to know especially for Give Big organizations who may want to have a computer set up at their office or at an event on your Giving Day to encourage people to make donations. We cannot emphasize enough that you must either use the Virtual Terminal and have a staff member enter in the transactions, or whitelist your IP address so you will not trigger the fraud protection on your account. This will make sure you all donations can be easily processed using that computer on your Giving Day.

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