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Event Management with Salesforce: Manage Registrations

Using the Click & Pledge Event Management release 2.x Application on Salesforce, you may manage your event Registrations. In this sections you have access to:
  • List of Registrants and Attendees
  • Temporary Contacts
  • Box Office
Temporary Contacts: Temporary Contacts usage is an optional feature. You may choose to have contacts be placed into a Temporary Contact holding place where you can view the contact and transaction information. This gives you the ability to identify your contact and decide if they should be a new contact or an existing contact. Within Temporary Contacts, you may then create a new contact or add the transaction information to an existing contact.

The settings for Temporary Contacts are in the Donor Management (Payment as a Service) App under C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts.

Box Office: The Box Office allows you to manually add registrations to your event levels.

Video: Registrations

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