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Event Management with Salesforce: Create Tickets with Designer

Version: 5.190509xxxx​

You have the option to create tickets for your event levels. Choose from Click & Pledge ticket templates or customize tickets for your event. After the layout is selected, Merge Fields and editor will be provided for further customization. Once you have created tickets you apply the ticket to an event level within Ticket Details. Once applied to event level and added to a Registration Email template, tickets will then be emailed to the payee after purchase.

Step 1: Select New Button from Tickets. 

Step 2: Here you may select from Click & Pledge templates or Custom templates.

1. Click & Pledge Templates: For default Click & Pledge templates go to Select Template and click on an option in the drop-down box. Click on a template to select it.

2. Custom Design: With the Custom option you may use the 'Template Builder' or the editor to create your tickets. With 'Template Builder' click on any layout thumbnail image to add it to your template.

Step 3: Once you have made your selection [Selector tab] click Next button to get to the Designer.

Step 4: Enter the Template name.

Step 5: In Designer you may customize design and Merge Fields.

Step 6: Once you have completed creating your ticket, you may go back to Assign Ticket to select it under your Level Name.

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