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GiveBig: How do I run a report to get my donors' information?

You have access to your donor and transaction information any time you wish. Just login to Click & Pledge Connect, then you have 2 options. You may run a report in your GiveBig platform or within your Connect customer portal.

This article provides instructions for the follow reports:

Run a GiveBig Report
Run a Connnect Report
Run a Declined Transaction Report

GiveBig Report

The GiveBig Report is a static report that includes transactions only within the current campaign dates.

Connect Report

Connect has a completely flexible reporting system to pull any transactions within your Click & Pledge account. If you are trying to retrieve data occurring before the current GiveBig campaign, you need to use the Connect Reports.


Declined Transaction Report

With reports you may use the filters to pare into your data further. One popular question is what are the reasons for declined transactions. To run a report on declines you can:

1. Choose a System Report like the Quick Report

Choose report

2. Choose your date(s)
3. Click Add Filter
4. In Field Name select Payment Status
5. In Operator select Equal
6. In Value select Declined
7. Click Run Query button

Decline settings

8. Click an option. Click Save Report to be able to recall the report or Download to download it to your computer.

Chose to save or download