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Customizing Forms as a Service with Checkout Page

Forms-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform takes advantage of checkout page customization to minimize the amount of information needed for generating receipts. Through passing the WID (Window ID) of a checkout page various attributes of the checkout page will be used when generating the receipt through the FaaS forms.

The following provides a complete list of all form elements needed for processing through FaaS:

One of the required form fields (hidden) is the CheckOutPageID (WID) of the page having the receipt customization information. The easiest way to set up a page is by creating a Classic easyPage and setting its various attributes. The following information will be used when a payment is processed through Faas:
  • Cover sheet
  • Enable Salesforce
  • Enable Twitter Auto-Post
  • Thank you Message
  • Address / Organizational Information
  • Notification Mailing List
The receipt generated through the FaaS payment will reflect the information customized through the checkout page identified by the CheckoutPageID (WID). The payment will also post to the Salesforce if the option is enabled through the Account Info and enabled through the checkout page.

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