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Get Started: Forms as a Service

Forms-as-a-Service (FAAS) is an extremely easy platform for processing transactions through a native form on a website. There is not much that needs to be done except creating a form and labeling the form fields according to the defined format:
The files used for the above examples are also available for download which makes it easy to get started.

Here are a few points that are the major causes of problem with the FaaS platform.
  • Site not a secure site: The form posting to the FaaS service has to be residing on a secure site.
Invalid parameters used in the form. The following parameters require customization.
  • AccountID
  • AccountGUID
  • WID
The above parameters are required parameters and should be customized for a specific account. Of the above parameters, the WID is the one that most have the problem with. Why WID?

WID identifies a checkout page and using the reference to a checkout page makes it easy to customize the receipt. With a simple form one cannot pass all the customization required for a receipt, for example: Address, receipt information, notification emails, as well as Twitter auto-post, Salesforce, Constant Contact userid & password and all the other 3rd party integrations.

The best and quickest way to use all the features available in the Click & Pledge's payment system in an FaaS environment is to set up a checkout page and then use its reference WID in the form as hidden elements.

In the absence of a correct WID the system will return "Operation Not Allowed" error message.

There are a number of posts in the forum regarding this issue so it is best if you review those discussions prior to setting up a form.

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