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Event Management with Salesforce: Publish Event

Version: 5.190710xxxx

Event and Event Listing Pages are available to the public using either the View button or adding the iFrame code to your website or social sites.

After you create your Event or Event Listing page, you can find the View button and iFrame Code on your C&P Events and C&P Event Listings Detail page.

View Button:
View button will be available in every section. By clicking on the View button, you will be directed to the External Registration Page.

NOTE: The eye symbol which is available in the list of Events and Events Listing Sites pages will also be directed to the External Registration Page.

Events Page:

Event Listing Sites:

iFrame Code:

Step 1: Go to Basic Information of the desired event.

Step 2: Click on iFrame Code in Default Registration Block. Copy and paste the code in your website or social sites.

Ex: - <iframe src="" align="top" height="900" width="960" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Copy the highlighted code and paste it in the address bar so that you will be redirected to External Registration Page.