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Install or Upgrade Click & Pledge Apps in Salesforce

Requirements: Please ensure you have signed up for a Click&Pledge Account. If you have not done so, please fill out the form at

Click&Pledge offers complimentary installation, post-installation, and upgrades of its Salesforce applications to ensure that your organization is initially configured correctly. This applies to both Donor Management (aka Payments as a Service) and C&P Events.

To request, complete the following steps:
  1. Install Click & Pledge Payment Class Library
  2. Grant Login Access
  3. Copy your Salesforce Organization ID
  4. Request the installation in the Click & Pledge forum

Install Click & Pledge Payment Class Library

Although Click & Pledge provides complimentary installation, a Click & Pledge app must be installed before your Salesforce instance can authorize access to us. Please install the Click & Pledge Payment Class Library from the AppExchange as a first step.

The Click & Pledge Payment Class Library is a required app for all other Click & Pledge apps in Salesforce.

Grant Login Access

You must give Click&Pledge permission to login and make these changes on your behalf.  
  1. In Salesforce, click your Name (in Lightning, your User icon) in the top right of the screen
  2. Click 'Setup' (in Lightning, 'Settings') from the dropdown
  3. In the left column, click 'Personal Setup > My Personal Information' (in Lightning, 'My Personal Information')
  4. Select 'Grant Login Access' (in Lightning, 'Grant Account Login Access')
  5. In the row for 'Click & Pledge Support' choose an Access Duration, 1 week recommended.
  6. Click to Save.

Copy your Salesforce Organization ID

To ensure applications are installed in the correct instance of Salesforce, you will need the Salesforce Organization ID.
  1. In Salesforce, click Setup (in Lightning, the gear icon) in the top right corner.
  2. Start typing 'Company' in the Quickfind textbox in the left column, and choose 'Company Information'. Do not hit enter. You may also navigate to Company Information under 'Administer'.
  3. In the right column, find Salesforce Organization ID. Copy this to a place you can reference in the next step.
Salesforce Organization ID 

Request the installation in the Click & Pledge forum

Notify Click & Pledge to install or upgrade the application.
  1. Open a tab or window, and go to
  2. In the top right corner, click to login or to set up a new account for the forum. This is not the same as your Click&Pledge Administration, this account is for the forums only.

  3. Under Salesforce, click to open the 'Salesforce Upgrade Assistance' Topic.

  4. Click 'New Topic'
  5. Add a title to your post and ask to have Click&Pledge applications installed. Include your Salesforce Organization ID (e.g. 00D410000005nx4), indicate that you have already granted login access, and whether you would like Donor Management (Payments as a Service) only installed, or both Donor Management (PaaS) and Events.
  6. Post the request.

Note that Salesforce instances vary in how they are displayed, and navigation may be different in your instance. Refer to Salesforce articles on Grant Login Access, and How to locate my Salesforce Organization ID for more assistance.