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Donor Management with Salesforce: Process Transactions using Card Swipe in Salesforce

Within the Click and Pledge Donor Management Application in Saleforce you can swipe a credit card, perform the transaction and instantly update your donor records instantly.

This is a FREE service to Click and Pledge customers with TSYS merchant accounts. To use this feature you need to email the ClickandPledge Support Department at for a second Merchant account for card present transactions. A 3 track card reader is required and may be purchased through the merchant account provider. 

For more information, watch video:
So to perform a Card Swipe transaction within the ClickandPledge Donor Management Application in Salesforce, follow these instructions:
  • Have the 3 track USB card swipe reader connected to your computer
  • Login to your ClickandPledge Donor Management Application in Salesforce
  • Select the “C&P Virtual Terminal” tab
  • Scroll to the bottom on the page and under “Entry Mode” select “Card Reader”
  • You will be provided a field with instructions to have your mouse, or cursor, in a designated field then swipe the credit card
  • Credit card information will be added automatically to mandatory payment and billing fields
  • Check off the box that states you understand that your charge will appear as “your organization’s name”
  • Scroll to the top of the page and enter in “Payment Description”
  • Under Billing Information, the name fields will be completed with the information from the credit card. If this is a new Patron then you can add additional billing information and it will be added to your Patron’s contact information. If this is an existing Patron within your Donor Management account then you can add the email address you have in your Patron’s record and the transaction will be added to their transaction list.
Note: your patron will receive a receipt by email if you input an email address
  • Once you have your filled out your fields then press “Process Payment”

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