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Donor Management with Salesforce: Create Custom Receipts and Autoresponders

Version: 9.190720xxxx

Create an unlimited number of custom emails to be sent to your patrons. You control the content, design, and best of all the conditions and time frame when the emails are to be sent. Use Click & Pledge's Designer to create custom email templates with merge fields from the transaction and the Salesforce Contact record and an Autoresponder to send out these emails.

Custom email templates can be created with C&P Designer. Choose from pre-configured templates from the Click & Pledge Class Library or create your own using the Custom Library's template builder. Use Merge Fields to choose from Contact, Transaction and other fields to merge into the email.


Once you have created an email template in Designer, use Autoresponder in C&P Settings to set the conditions to whom and when the email will be sent. Choose your email template and enter the conditions that launch the email. An unlimited number of Autoresponders can be set up; if multiple Autoresponders apply for a transaction, multiple emails are sent.

  1. You want a different thank you note to be sent to donors based on giving level. So you can create a separate Autoresponder email for transactions below $500, $501 to $1,999, and $2,000 and above.
  2. You have created a Salesforce Campaign for an event. You can create an Autoresponder specific to all transactions linked to that Campaign.
  3. You have created a checkout page for a conference and you need a series of emails to go to attendees. Set up an Autoresponder to go out immediately as a thank you, another going out 2 months before the conference with hotel information, another 2 weeks before conference with maps and parking information, and a final email 2 days before the event with all the last minute details.

Customize Salesforce by adding the C&P Autoresponder Sent Email Log Related List to the Contact Page Layout to verify what emails have been sent to a Contact, and/or add the C&P Autoresponder Queue Related List to the layout to see what emails are currently scheduled for a Contact.
Tip: Don't forget to add fields to the related list that you may need and sort by 'Sent Date' in Descending order

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