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Donor Management with Salesforce: Process Transaction with Previous Payment Method

With the Click & Pledge Payment as a Service application in Salesforce you can reprocess a transaction for existing patron without having them provide you with their credit card number or check. This works by referencing the original transaction information to process a new transaction using the Virtual Terminal. Click & Pledge is Level 1 PCI certified so entire credit cards number are not stored for security reasons but within the Donor Management System a credit card’s last 4 digits and expiration date are available for reference.

To process a new transaction by referencing a previous one:
  1. Look up a patron either through C&P Transaction tab or Patron (Contact) tab.
  2. Click on the name of a Patron, then scroll down to the bottom of the Patron’s information page to find the method(s) of payments listed at the bottom i.e. “Credit Card Payments”.
  3. Once you have located the payment method you wish to use, click on the “Virtual Terminal” button on the right. Note: If using a credit card make sure the expiration date has not past or you will receive  the error message.
  4. Once you go into the Virtual Terminal, fill out the Payment Description and other field like recurring payment, tracker and campaign if applicable. The patron’s contact information will already be complete and under “Payment Method” the radio button for “Previous Payment” will be selected with the transaction reference information.
  5. Check that you understand the charge will appear as your organization’s name.
  6. Click on “Process Payment.”
  7. When the transaction completes screen will show “ transaction processed successfully.”

Watch demonstration: