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Payment Pages for Mobile Website

You may add an unlimited number of payment pages to your Mobile Website hosted by Click and Pledge. This makes it easy for your supporters to fill out a quick form using their smart phone to make a donation, buy a product or membership, or register for an event. You have the option of adding Terms & Conditions and Custom Questions to these pages as well.

By default there is a Donation page on your Mobile website that is ready to use. You do not need to use this default donation page but you do need at least one active payment page on your Mobile website.

The demonstration video below covers creating and editing a Payment Page for your Mobile websites as well as reordering the pages.

Watch demonstration video:
The instructions and video will guide you through creating a “Payment Page” for your Mobile Website.
  • Login to account
  • Click Mobile Platform (upper right corner)
  • Build Mobile Page (2nd tab)
  • Select “Display Status”
  • Enter “Page Header.” This Header will appear on the menu of your home page of your mobile website and at the top of the Payment Page.
  • Under “Mobile Page Type” use the drop-down box to select “Payment Page”
  • Select “Page Status” as Active or Test. Test mode will allow you to run Test transactions with the Test credit card number 4111111111111111 (1 four and 15 ones) and any 3 digit number as the security code. Note: While a page is in “test” status, real transaction cannot be processed. Make sure you change page to “active” when ready to do transactions.
  • You may add a PDF cover sheet. When the transaction receipt is emailed, the cover sheet will go out with the receipt as an attachment.
  • You may select a “Campaign”
  • You may override your organization's default address. Your organization’s default address is located under Account Info>Your Profile>Mailing Address
  • You may enter a personalized “Thank You” message
  • Add email addresses to this payment page’s notification list. Separate email addresses with a semicolon
  • Enter “Payment Name”
  • Instructions for the next 3 fields: Default Donation Amount, Maximum Donation Amount, Minimum Donation Amount
    • If you leave all fields empty, a blank box will appear so your donors may enter any amount
    • For a fixed price item, you need to put the same amount in all 3 fields. That amount will then show on the Payment page
  • Enter Tax Deductible percentage
  • Allow recurring payment: yes or no
  • If allowing recurring payments, choose the period of time you wish to offer or "Periodicity"
  • Enter Custom Text Question(s) and choose if they are optional or mandatory
  • You may enable 3rd party auto-posts
  • You may include a Terms & Condition’s area. This screen will appear before the mobile payment page
  • Click “Submit”

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